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Unité de Pharmacologie Clinique,
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Jean-Luc Cracowski is MD, PhD, professor of Clinical Pharmacology at Grenoble University, France. He is in charge of the Clinical Pharmacology Unit at the INSERM Clinical Research Center in Grenoble, France. His main area of research is the pharmacology and physiology of human skin microcirculation. This includes the development of methods to assess skin microvascular function, their use in physiological and pathological conditions such as scleroderma and primary Raynaud’s phenomenon, and the development of new pharmacological approaches. In February 2014, His h-index was 25 and he was coauthor of 166 publications indexed in Medline.



- Pharmacology and physiology of skin microvascular function

Key-words : Microcirculation_Endothelium _ Laser Doppler _ Skin_Raynaud’s phenomenon_Systemic sclerosis



Jean-Luc Cracowski teaches Pharmacology at Grenoble Medical School, France.



Principaux articles (MAJ 02-2014):

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